Seattle Aquarium biologist wins Ivar's contest

Ivar's Clamosaurus

Seattle Aquarium Marine Science Interpreter Katie Hart was recently named the grand prize winner of Ivar’s “What’s Blocking Bertha” contest. Launched late in 2013 when Bertha, the machine that’s digging the tunnel that will eventually replace Seattle’s viaduct, had ceased operations due to an unknown impediment, the contest asked participants to make creative suggestions about what kind of entity might be blocking Bertha’s path.

Several runners-up were named, but the Aquarium’s Katie took top honors with her clever entry: “I think it is probably another boring machine (the anti-Bertha) travelling in the exact opposite direction of our Bertha in an attempt by a subterranean civilization to establish a trade route with Seattle because they wish to import mass quantities of clam chowder.”

What did Katie win for crafting the most creative submission? Free Ivar’s chowder for a year! And she’s delighted, noting, “It’s delicious! And since clams are generally listed as either a “best choice” or “good alternative” on the Seafood Watch card, I feel good about the sustainability of enjoying some clam chowder from time to time.”

Congratulations to Katie…watch for her, perhaps finishing a cup of chowder, during your next visit to the Aquarium!

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