Join the Seattle Aquarium and say goodbye to single-use plastics!

In a blog post a few weeks ago, we told you about our move to eliminate plastic beverage bottles, lids and straws at the Aquarium—and now we’re excited to let you know about our involvement in the Aquarium Conservation Partnership (ACP) and its “In Our Hands” campaign to reduce use of disposable plastics.

The ACP, composed of 19 public aquariums—including the Seattle Aquarium—was created to inform, guide and coordinate action by public aquariums across North America to advance conservation of the ocean, lakes and rivers. The first project? A coordinated campaign to reduce single-use plastics called “In Our Hands.”

Ocean plastics are a very serious—and growing—issue. A few stats to illustrate the extent of the problem:

  • Approximately 8.8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year—equivalent to one dump truck full of plastic per minute.
  • Plastic debris can now be found in almost every marine habitat on Earth, from polar sea ice to major ocean gyres to the bottom of the deepest ocean trench.
  • If current practices continue, plastic input into the ocean is expected to double by 2025.
  • Fifty-four percent of all marine mammal species, and 56 percent of all seabird species have been affected by entanglement (mostly by plastic rope and netting) or ingestion (mostly by plastic fragments and microplastic) of marine debris, and the frequency of encounters has increased over time.

The solution is in our hands. And you can be part of it by choosing alternatives to single-use plastics and encouraging others to do the same! Learn more on our website.

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