Sea otter experts from around the world gather at the Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium Sea Otter Conservation Workshop

Since 1999, the Seattle Aquarium has hosted biannual sea otter conservation workshops. These workshops over the years have developed into the largest meeting of sea otter biologists in the world and include delegates from the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan.

This year’s workshop, held at the end of March, was the biggest one yet. It included three days and 54 presentations on wild sea otter population trends, biology, ecology, outreach, advocacy, veterinary medicine, captive husbandry and conservation. The workshop provided an opportunity for sea otter experts from around the world, including representatives from every U.S. institution that keeps captive sea otters, to gather and exchange information.

According to Seattle Aquarium’s Shawn Larson, curator of conservation research, “almost everyone active in sea otter research and conservation attends this unique conference to exchange ideas, develop new partnerships and strengthen old ones … There really is no other meeting quite like it!”

The Seattle Aquarium is home to five charming sea otters including Sekiu, who was born at the Seattle Aquarium in January of 2012, and Mishka, a rescued Alaskan sea otter pup who joined the Aquarium family on Super Bowl Sunday 2015.

The Seattle Aquarium is passionate about these outgoing and intelligent mammals and proud to be a leader in sea otter conservation locally and around the world.

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  1. June Kodani says:

    Are Sea Otter Conservation conference print publications available for puchase or for donations to the Seattle Aquarium by the public supporters of sea otter conservation such as myself? The range and depth of the topics you cover are incredible. I only wish the interested public may be able to attend sometime in the future. Thank you for all the work you all do on behalf of marine life.

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