Seattle Aquarium's Jim Wharton to be featured on Shark Week

Jim Wharton - Ninja sharks

Cue the theme from Jaws: our own Director of Conservation and Education Jim Wharton will be featured during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! He’ll provide on-camera commentary for a show called Ninja Sharks, airing July 8 at 10pm PST. “Shark Week really stoked my interest in sharks,” Jim says, “And that led to my interest in the ocean and its conservation.”

View the clip above from the segment, titled The Hammerhead: The Electric Vision Shark.

Describing himself as a “near-fanatical devotee” of raising awareness of shark diversity, Jim took to Twitter to express fervent support for Alien Sharks—his favorite Shark Week show of recent years. “I’m probably the show’s biggest fan,” he laughs. His enthusiasm was noted by a Discovery Channel producer, who eventually asked him to participate in the Ninja Sharks program.

Although the show’s name may make it sound like it portrays sharks as ocean “bad guys,” it’s actually focused on the adaptations (or “ninja skills”) and conservation of six shark species, many of which haven’t been featured in other Shark Week programming. The inside word from Jim is that the sections dedicated to threshers and salmon sharks are particularly great—and that this year’s edition of Shark Week features many programs filled with awe, wonder, solid science and strong messaging around marine conservation.

Be sure to check out the Aquarium’s budding reality TV star on the Discovery Channel, July 8 at 10pm!

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