A Growing Girl – Second Vet Exam!

Here is a video of the pup’s second vet exam. She is now a healthy 6.9 pounds and is starting to swim!

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7 Responses to A Growing Girl – Second Vet Exam!

  1. emma says:

    too freaking adorabe…

  2. Tina says:

    Is there a live web cam?

  3. Adele says:

    I think I see a seal in the Sea Otter Cam 2 right now. Am I seeing things, or is that really a seal? Do you mix marine mammals in your exhibits b/c this is the first time I’ve seen other mammals on this cam other than sea otters.

    • Hi Adele – You’re not seeing things. That is our Northern fur seal, Commander in the smaller pool of our sea otter exhibit. Biologists will close off this area of the sea otter exhibit and move Commander there to clean out his pool since the main Northern fur seal pool is under construction right now. Lootas, Aniak and the pup are safely in the larger sea otter pool and are separated by a barrier from the smaller pool, where Commander is right now. When Commander’s pool is all clean he will be moved back. So temporarily right now, you can see Commander (otter cam #2) and our sea otters (otter cam #1) on our live otter cams!

      • Adele says:

        Thank you for your reply and the info. Thank you too for making these cams available along w/ the vids on the pup’s progress. Wonderful. I hope to visit your aquarium sometime in the near future.

  4. cassia says:

    my husband and i visited the aquarium last sunday. the baby sea otter is soooo cute!

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