Construction alert: last chance to see our harbor seals for a while!

Proposed harbor seal viewingWe’re about to embark on an exciting transformation of our harbor seal exhibit—which means that Barney and Siku will need to make their homes elsewhere for the time being. Come see them before they’re transferred to their temporary residence at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium on October 2!

Barney and Siku, harbor seals at the Seattle AquariumWhile we’ll definitely miss Barney and Siku, we’re also very excited about the new home we’re creating for them. The renovated exhibit will feature increased water depth; more dry resting area (or haul-out space) for the seals to enjoy; acrylic viewing panels on three sides so you’ll be able to see even more of these popular, playful marine mammals; and seating for up to 100 visitors (or three entire classrooms of school children!). Plus, the improved space will allow us to increase our harbor seal collection from two animals to three or even four. We anticipate the new exhibit will open to the public in June of 2013.

You can help bring the vision to life and build a new home for our harbor seals! For more information and to make a donation, visit

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