Part 2: Seattle Aquarium assists with Hardy, the rescued sea otter

Guest post by Seattle Aquarium Laboratory Specialist Amy Green

Hardy, a rescued northern sea otter pup, is well on his way to recovery at the Vancouver Aquarium. This is the second week that Seattle Aquarium staff have traveled to Vancouver to assist in his 24-hour care. Hardy is spending lots of time napping, eating, grooming and playing! He is given lots of enrichment toys, and his favorite seems to be a long strip of purple “kelp” made of car wash material. On Wednesday he spent an hour wrestling, swimming and holding it before taking a long nap.

Hardy is fed every three hours and now weighs 14.3 pounds (6.48 kg). His diet primarily consists of sea otter pup formula, small pieces of surf clam and this week, he was introduced to small bits of squid! Hardy showed no hesitation and gulped down the squid as quickly as he chomps down the clam. To see footage, click this link to watch Hardy eat lunch.

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