How much does a harbor seal weigh?

Barney - Harbor Seal at the Seattle AquariumHarbor seals are the most abundant marine mammal living in Puget Sound and it’s almost impossible to tell a male from a female just by looking at them. The two male harbor seals at the aquarium usually weigh the most during the winter and lose some weight in the summer as the water temperature increases. For more interesting facts about our harbor seals, Barney and Q, go to

Can you guess how much Barney weighs? Place your guess here and visit us April 20-22 for Marine Mammal Mania! Barney will be weighed at 11:30am each day. Come see if you guessed correctly and for more information about the hands-on activities, special talks and demonstration during Marine Mammal Mania, go to!

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  1. Barney weighed 216lbs. on Friday, April 20 and 215.5lbs. on Saturday, April 21.

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