Look Down Below - Wild Moon Jellies!

A group of visitors and volunteers looking over the side of Pier 60 to see a group of wild moon jellies.

“Look down over the railing to see the wild moon jellies. They are the same species we have in the Aquarium,” volunteers said to a group of visitors enjoying the sunshine on Pier 60 last Friday (June 15, 2012). In the water was a large smack of jellyfish ( a “smack” of jellyfish is the official name for a group of these cnidarians) floating amidst a school of juvenile chum salmon.

Moon Jellies

Fried egg jellyfish, Phacellophora camtschatica









A lone predatory fried egg jellyfish was drifting along with the multitude of moon jellies that it preys upon. Keep your eyes open as you walk along the Seattle waterfront for these smack of wild moon jellies!

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  1. Karen Thomas says:

    A smack huh! I learn something new each day. A gaggle, a smack, a herd, a pack, interesting. My husband will be floored when I tell him we have a smack of jelly fish in our creek.

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