Seattle Aquarium's Marshawn Pinch: next stop, Fish Bowl XLVIII!

Marshawn Pinch, 12th crustacean at the Seattle Aquarium

Marshawn Pinch came out of his shell once again on Thursday, for what may have been the last time before he and the Searocks take on the Denver Barnacles during Sunday’s Fish Bowl game. He was accompanied by teammate Tidal Robinson, who provided moral support as Pinch answered questions to avoid shelling out a 50,000-clam fine.

Although Pinch seemed content to answer questions for a short while, it was clear that he has bigger fish to fry. “I just wanna get back to the tank and practice my scuttling,” he said. Asked if he was getting his sea legs after making the trip from Elliott Bay to Gravesend Bay (just off the coast of New Jersey), Pinch replied, “I’m no soft-shell crab: I’m always ready. I don’t have to wait for the tide to turn in my favor because it’s already there. Plenty of fish in the sea are saying the Barnacles are going to rock our boat on Sunday, and maybe that’s true. But here’s what the sands of time are going to reveal: we’re not only going to keep the Barnacles at bay—we’re gonna hold their shells to the wall, crush ‘em, shell shock ‘em, and send ‘em swimming back home with their fins between their gills.”

Asked if he isn’t secretly afraid of the Barnacles’ defense, Pinch snapped his claws and said, “Are you trying to make me crabby? That’s hitting below the shell! I’m not rising to that bait. The Barnacles are in a sea of trouble on Sunday—with me and the rest of the ‘Rocks. Beach Mode!”

And with that, he retreated into his shell.

Follow Marshawn Pinch on Facebook and Twitter for more updates as he and the Searocks prepare to take on the Denver Barnacles at Fish Bowl XLVIII! Interested in learning more about hermit crabs? Check out the Seattle Aquarium’s hermit crab fact sheet!

*No hermit crabs were harmed in the creation of this promotion.

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  1. Mike Staats says:

    Go Pinch! Excellent!

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