Seattle Aquarium's Marshawn Pinch heads to Hawaii in his own backyard

Marshawn Pinch visits Hawaii in his own backyard at the Seattle Aquarium

Marshawn Pinch taking a trip to Hawaii? Well, the next best thing. Since the Seattle Searocks crushed the San Francisco 40Briners at last weekend’s NFSea championship and are now headed to Fish Bowl XLVIII, none of them can play in (or even attend) this weekend’s Blowfish Bowl in the warm waters of the tropical Pacific. “I’d love to pack up my shell, scuttle to Hawaii’s intertidal zone, and wave my antennae for my friends,” Pinch says, “But I can’t. I’ve got bigger fish to fry: training for the Fish Bowl.”

Happily, Pinch has found the perfect way to support the Blowfish Bowl players and enjoy a virtual tropical getaway: he’s going to enjoy the Seattle Aquarium’s upcoming Hawaii Weekend and get a taste of the Aloha spirit without leaving home. “What could be better?” he asks. “Music and hula performances, diver shows, special talks and activities…it’s gonna be off the hook. Not to mention it’s a chance for me to show my respect for the Blowfish Bowl players. My shelmet’s off to them for sure.”

Asked if he’s going to move to his favorite Hawaiian shell for the occasion, Pinch retreats…well, you know where.

Follow Marshawn Pinch on Facebook and Twitter for more updates as he prepares for Fish Bowl XLVIII. Plus, enjoy your own virtual trip to the tropics at the Seattle Aquarium this weekend!

*No hermit crabs were harmed in the creation of this promotion.

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