Marshawn Pinch of the Seattle Aquarium: on his way to Fish Bowl XLVIII!

Thanks in large part to the scuttling skills of the Seattle Aquarium’s 12th crustacean Marshawn Pinch, the Seattle Searocks clinched an NFSea Championship victory against the San Francisco 40Briners on Sunday—and they’re now headed to Fish Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Barnacles!

“That game was off the hook! We totally shell-shocked them,” says Pinch. “And we owe so much to the sea fans. With their help, we were able to keep the Barnacles at bay and ride the crest of the wave to a win. Their support really warms the cockles of my heart. I don’t say this often, but I’m happy as a clam.”

He adds, “We left 40Briners shells all over the beach, but those sea fans knew just what to do: they left them there. Now I’ve got plenty of choices when it’s time to move into a bigger shell. And with all the Sea Skittles I’m eating, I’m growing fast!”

“And you know,” he says thoughtfully, “The NFSea championship feels like just a drop in the ocean now. We’ve got bigger fish to fry: the Fish Bowl. I don’t want to sound shellfish, but I can’t wait to get my claws into the Barnacles, go into Beach Mode and help take the ‘Rocks to victory.”

Asked what he’s doing to prepare for the big game, Pinch waves the question aside and retreats into his shell. But you can keep an eye on him as he sharpens his claws and trains in preparation to take on the Barnacles at Fish Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2. Keep checking our Marshawn Pinch webcam and following him on Facebook and Twitter!

*No hermit crabs were harmed in the creation of this promotion.

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