May 12: Mother's Day at the Seattle Aquarium

Mother's Day parking promotionJoin us to celebrate moms and discover some of the secrets of our sea animal mothers. Seattle Aquarium member moms can get a free latte from our café at any point during the day, and we’ll also be offering a special members-only early opening at 9am. Plus, city meter parking along the street and under the viaduct is free on Sunday (four-hour time limit); the waterfront neighborhood also has a special Mother’s Day parking promotion. We hope to see you here!

Until then, enjoy a sneak peek of some of the mothers who make their homes at the Seattle Aquarium:

pygmy rock carb

Pygmy rock crab


A pygmy rock crab, Cancer oregonensis, rears up on the tips of her walking legs and lowers her abdomen to expose thousands of newly hatched larvae that will soon swim into the water to become part of the teeming plankton.



coonstripe shrimp

Coonstripe shrimp



A coonstripe shrimp, Pandalus hypsinotus, carries hundreds of eggs that will hatch into planktonic larvae in a few weeks.





moon jelly

Moon jelly



A moon jelly, Aurelia labiata, broods thousands of eggs in whitish masses that will hatch in a few weeks.




female pygmy cuttlefish

Female pygmy cuttlefish


A female pygmy cuttlefish uses her siphon to lay large dark brown eggs in the rockwork of her exhibit as the male she mated with looks on.




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