A quiz: what do you call a group of sharks?

Hint: it’s the same thing you do when you’re chilly! Just like their counterparts on dry land, groups of marine animals have names that can be pretty surprising. Take our quiz and see how well you do! Answers are listed below.

Group name options: Army, Bed, Cast, Rookery, Run, School, Shiver, Smack, Raft, Walk, Wreck

WCN animal group collage with numbers



1. Walk of sea snails, 2. Rookery of seals, 3. School of rockfish, 4. Run of salmon, 5. Army of herring, 6. Bed of urchins, 7. Raft of sea otters, 8. Shiver of sharks, 9. Smack of jellyfish, 10. Cast of crabs, 11. Wreck of seabirds.

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