Winter Fishtival January 1: Tide Pool Animals

Tide-Pool animals - Winter Fishtival at the Seattle AquariumJoin the Seattle Aquarium for Winter Fishtival, where we’ll feature different sea animals and fun activities each day. January 1 is all about the many fascinating creatures that make their homes in tide pools. What’s your favorite tide pool animal—sea star, anemone, hermit crab? Get to know a few of our featured animals below, then come to the Seattle Aquarium on New Year’s Day to learn more!

sea star at the Seattle AquariumSea stars
Most people know that sea stars can regenerate arms lost due to injury as long as some part of the central disk remains intact, but did you know that some species can deliberately jettison their limbs? It’s true. Sunflowers stars and velcro stars can cast off arms that have been trapped by a predator.

anemone at the Seattle Aquarium


An anemone’s colorful tentacles are also venomous: the anemone uses them to sting its prey—such as small fish and shrimp—then uses them again to draw the paralyzed prey into its mouth.



hermit crab at the Seattle AquariumHermit crabs
When a hermit crab grows too large for its shell home, it looks for another empty shell to move into. It may “try out” the shell, seeing how it fits before committing. If the shell isn’t suitable, the hermit crab moves back into its old shell and resumes its search for a new home.


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