The Aquarium turns 40 this May!

40th anniversary logo

To celebrate our incredible 40 years of hands-on marine experiences and conservation education, we’re giving you 40 fun & fascinating Aquarium gifs!

1. Boop! Come on into the Aquarium and let Skagway the river otter say “hello” to you!

2. Like this common murre, poke your head out and see what’s happening at the Aquarium.

3. There’s always something fascinating happening at the Aquarium—you can see a cuttlefish, rapidly changing colors.

4. We have daily feedings, where you can see our animals being fed and trained—like Barney the harbor seal!

5. Doesn’t that get you as excited as this little fish?

6. Have you ever seen a spotted lagoon jelly? These incredible animals have no brain, no heart and no blood!

7. We have treats for animals and humans alike—here Flaherty the fur seal is trying to find some more fish!

8. Come in and check out some visitor favorites—like this adorable skate!

9. And this funny-looking puffer.

10. Throughout our 40 years, we’ve also done some great conservation and rehabilitation work—like rehabilitating the lovable sea otter pup Rialto.

11. We have exhibits to excite you:

12. And exhibits to soothe you:

13. As well as exhibits to make you laugh:

14. Come in and see if you can spot a clownfish hiding in an anemone. 

15. Or just watch some sea otters relax in the sun.

16. No need to bump your friends out of the way—there’s plenty of space for everyone to see!

17. Come check out the majestic giant Pacific octopus.

18. Run, walk or paddle over—summer is nearly here, and it’s a great time to see the Seattle Aquarium!

19. Summertime is a great time to catch your favorite animals napping in the sun.

20. You can see our diving birds all year round.

21. We’re frequently updating our exhibits. Have you seen the adorable Pacific spiny lumpsuckers that arrived recently?

22. There’s always something new to learn—like how exactly sea otters get clams open! 

23. If you’re lucky, you may see more than just fish in the underwater dome! 

24. Allow yourself to relax in front of the spotted lagoon jelly exhibit.

25. Keep your head up—we have snacks up in the cafe!

26. Some of the incredible sights you may see: an octopus changing colors:

27. Or a river otter playing with his favorite rock:

28. Or a little skate, taking a few steps:

29. So grab onto your best bud

30. and float on into the Aquarium!

31. There’s always something beautiful to look at, like this colorful anemone.

32. Be sure to catch a sea otter feeding!

33. Come try and spot the big blue Napoleon wrasse!

34. The harbor seals are always making a big splash! 

35. And the sea otters are always having a ball.

36. Although our river otters are often napping…

37. They love to play as much as they love to nap!

38. It’s a place for fun and for friends…

39. And there’s always something fun happening at the Seattle Aquarium! 

40. So let’s give a big high five to 40 years of aquatic fun!

Thank you for your ongoing support—here’s to 40 more years of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment!

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