The Seattle Searocks Hawktopus prepares for NFSea Championship

The Seattle Searocks have been preparing for Sunday’s NFSea Championship game against the Green Bay Prawns, by fine tuning their tackling techniques. And who better to demonstrate, then Seattle Aquarium’s very own, Hawktopus. He can squeeze through any hole in a team’s defensive line, just as long as his helmet fits through!

To properly tackle, Hawktopus follows these steps:

1) Take the head out of the equation by targeting the legs.

2) Use leverage and target the body of the ball carrier to tackle with their shoulders.

3) Wrap up and roll through the tackle.

4) Tackle with efficiency and power.

Interested in learning more about octopuses? Check out the Seattle Aquarium’s octopus fact sheet! #GoHawks

*Based on Pete Carroll’s proper techniques for tackling. No octopuses were harmed in the creation of this promotion.

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