‘Tis the season for Aquarium animals that remind us of the holidays!

Get in the spirit and keep your eyes out for these festive animals on your next visit to the Aquarium!

In the main Pacific Coral Reef exhibit, check out the snowflake moray eel, echidna nebulosa. It tends to hang out on the right side of the reef—at dusk, evening or during feeding times.

As you explore the Tropical Pacific exhibit, keep an eye out for the comet, calloplesiops altivelis. This beauty is also known as a marine betta because of its resemblance to the unrelated freshwater fish. It can be seen hiding in rocky cracks and crevices during the day. If you spot a tail protruding from a craggy corner, it’s most likely the comet employing its favorite defense mechanism—hiding face-first in a cave.

When you arrive at the alcid exhibit, be sure to keep an eye out for the white band murre, uria aalge. She has unique white eyeliner which is more prominent during breeding season but still visible now.

If you spy a piece of bright-red kelp with eyes lurking amidst the grunt sculpins in the Puget Sound Fish exhibit, you’re in luck! You’ve just spotted the kelp poacher, agonamalus mozinoi.

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