What do Aquarium divers want from Diving Santa this year?

All of our divers have wish lists, but more than anything, they want to help you have a plastic-free holiday! Below, see some of their tips on how to be an ocean hero now, and in the future:

Diver Reindeer Lindsay wants a plastic-free ocean so that spiny Pacific lumpsuckers can have healthy habitats to live in! By choosing reusable gift bags, bows and recyclable wrapping, you can help reduce the amount of plastic and glitter that ends up in the ocean.

Diver Elf Katie would love everyone to be ocean heroes and help reduce single-use plastics. Since Katie loves to bake, she’s using reusable containers when she passes out her goodies to friends and family!

What Diver Reindeer/Elf Roberta really loves about the holidays is sharing gifts that keep on giving—to the ocean! Reusable items like insulated metal mugs and water bottles, reusable straws and shopping bags are some of her favorite gifts to give.

Diver Reindeer/Elf Kim can’t wait to dive with Santa this year, and spend more time watching our amazing rockfish perch and nap on blades of kelp! Kim loves to give and receive the gift of experiences with her friends and family. Join Kim and be an ocean hero this year by giving gifts such as special events or shared meals to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that may end up in the water. Another great holiday tip from Kim: if you are wrapping gifts, use ocean-friendly recyclable and reusable materials!

Bird and mammal team member Julie loves being green—from caring for plants to giving ocean-friendly holiday gifts. This year, Julie’s biggest holiday wish is for a healthy ocean! She’s giving handmade gifts to reduce the amount of waste that often comes with store-bought presents.

Join the Seattle Aquarium and be an ocean hero this holiday season by considering ways to eliminate single-use plastics!

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