New at the Seattle Aquarium: Ray Troll’s Sharkabet

Sharkabet by Ray TrollShark! Just the word gets our blood up. Sharks and their kin have evolved many spectacular shapes through 400 million years of evolution. Come discover the world of sharks in a fun new way at the Seattle Aquarium with an exhibit of the artwork from Ray Troll’s charming, educational book, Sharkabet: A Sea of Sharks from A to Z.

Featuring an alphabet of living and extinct sharks in a series of colorful and whimsical drawings that include lesser-known species like goblin sharks, prehistoric sharks like Megalodon, and shark cousins such as river rays, the Sharkabet artwork offers a fun way to explore sharks and learn more about these powerful, sometimes mysterious creatures.

About Ray Troll: Working from his tree-lined studio high on a hill above the Tongass Narrows in rain-swept Ketchikan Alaska, Ray draws and paints fishy images that migrate into museums, books and magazines and onto t-shirts sold around the planet. Basing his quirky, aquatic images on the latest scientific discoveries, Ray brings a street-smart sensibility to the worlds of ichthyology and paleontology. When he draws pictures of sharks, he fills what’s missing from the fossil record with his own knowledge of living and prehistoric sharks…plus a little imagination!

Come enjoy Sharkabet at the Aquarium from July 1 through November 3.

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