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The octopus – our thriving neighbor

Pigeons, squirrels, gulls, raccoons and…octopuses? We’re all familiar with the many animals that live among us as they forage for food and navigate around buildings and parks throughout the city. But you might be surprised by new research that shows more »

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Cephalo-fun at the Seattle Aquarium

As we finish up Octopus Week, February 18–26, we thought we’d share the love with a couple amazing relatives of the giant Pacific octopus. Stubby squid, Rossia pacifica Winter is the best season for recreational divers to spot the stubby more »

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An octet of octopus “Did you knows?”

1. You may have heard that octopuses are colorblind because they only have one kind of photoreceptor in their eyes. But did you know that recent studies may be able to explain how cephalopods could still perceive color due to more »

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