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Single-pilot submersible on display at the Seattle Aquarium

Now through next Tuesday, May 28, the Aquarium is displaying a single-pilot submersible, the DeepWorker, in the hallway between the Crashing Waves and Life on the Edge exhibits. This completely self-contained vehicle has easy-to-use foot pedals and hand controls, two more »

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New nudibranchs at the Seattle Aquarium

Nudibranchs, members of the sea slug family, come in an amazing variety of shapes and colors. Several outstanding specimens were recently placed on exhibit at the Aquarium’s Closer Look table: the opalescent nudibranch, Hermissenda crassicornis; the alabaster or white-lined nudibranch, more »

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Baby Sharpnose Crabs!

This female sharpnose crab, Scyra acutifrons, at left was releasing her young into the water in our Life on the Edge exhibit. Here her abdomen is completely open, revealing masses of thousands of pale brown larvae (see yellow arrows) being more »

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