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Pacific spiny lumpsuckers are back!

Always fun to watch and looking a bit like swimming golf balls, Pacific spiny lumpsuckers, Eumicrotremus orbis, have returned to our Puget Sound Fish exhibit. These odd fish get their names from an interesting feature: a sucker disk that they more »

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Seattle Aquarium update on mysterious sea star disease

The strange “melting” of sea stars in Puget Sound and along the West Coast has attracted much media attention. Below, Seattle Aquarium staff veterinarian Lesanna Lahner shares an update on our participation in the effort to understand the disease. Low-grade more »

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Join the Seattle Aquarium team for the 2013 Walk Bike Ride Challenge!

Did you know that cutting down on “drive-alone” car trips can help preserve the health of Puget Sound? That’s because about one third of the pollution carried into Washington’s waterways flows from the ground, especially pavement. When rain falls, it more »

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New at the Seattle Aquarium's Closer Look Table: Spotted Ratfish Egg Cases

Now at the Aquarium are six egg cases from several female spotted ratfish, Hydrolagus colliei. Each tough egg case contains one embryo which may take a year to mature. Like sharks, ratfish produce a small number of young, typically just more »

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Wild Sharks at the Aquarium: prehistoric sharks and more

Did you know sharks lived in Earth’s ocean before dinosaurs roamed its land? It’s true! Shark relatives were around a whopping 400 million years ago—and some of them looked so strange that it’s hard to believe that they’re related to more »

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