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Support I-1401 to protect sharks, manta rays, sea turtles and more!

On November 3, Washington voters will have a chance to vote yes on Initiative 1401, a Washington State ballot measure that is designed to help save animals threatened with extinction. Sea turtles, sharks and manta rays are the marine species more »

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Shark specialists gather at the Seattle Aquarium

On March 22, the Seattle Aquarium hosted the first Northeast Pacific Shark Symposium. The event, featuring a series of 35 talks on current Northeast Pacific Shark research, was attended by over 80 shark biologists and enthusiasts from the United States more »

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Wild Sharks at the Aquarium: prehistoric sharks and more

Did you know sharks lived in Earth’s ocean before dinosaurs roamed its land? It’s true! Shark relatives were around a whopping 400 million years ago—and some of them looked so strange that it’s hard to believe that they’re related to more »

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Get ready for Wild Sharks at the Aquarium with our quiz

Are you afraid of sharks? If you’ve seen how they’ve been portrayed in movies over the years, or heard stories in the news about humans being attacked by sharks, perhaps you are. Sharks have fearsome reputations—but are they based in more »

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New at the Seattle Aquarium: Ray Troll’s Sharkabet

Shark! Just the word gets our blood up. Sharks and their kin have evolved many spectacular shapes through 400 million years of evolution. Come discover the world of sharks in a fun new way at the Seattle Aquarium with an more »

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