High school “sketch artists” learning the ropes of marine science illustration

Earlier this year, Seattle Aquarium Marine Science Interpreter Lindsay Holladay was awarded a grant through the Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) to teach 10 weeks of marine science illustration to local high school students. She’s been working with a small group of 12 high school juniors and seniors from the Center School of Seattle. She recently shared her thoughts about the experience with us.

“I’ve been really amazed at the diverse mix of interests from the students. About half identify as ‘scientists’ who are interested but not versed in art, and the other half are artists with an interest in the marine world. Our 90-minute sessions are a mix of marine science discussions and illustration technique practice. Already, we’ve covered topics ranging from ocean acidification, sustainable fishing practices and resident orca threats to salmon habitat restoration. In these discussions we’ve brainstormed and drafted ways that artists can be visual educators on tough to understand science issues. We’ve articulated and illustrated marine mammal skeletons, explored crab molts and shellfish anatomy and this week we’re dissecting squid. We practiced field sketching at the Olympic Sculpture park pocket beach and we’ll be visiting the Seattle Aquarium for more field sketching on November 29. Say “hi” if you see us walking around with our sketchbooks.

I’m really grateful both to the WDHOF who provided the funding and to the Seattle Aquarium for letting me run off early on Wednesdays this fall to get to class and for supplying the shells and molts kit. I know it’s expanding these young folks’ understanding of and appreciation for our local marine world. Know what’s also really cool? All of the participants get to keep the supplies that are provided during the class sessions—including a set of art pens, graphite pencils, color pencils and watercolors to keep them practicing new techniques even after the program is over.”


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  1. Rennie says:

    Fantastic program! Will you be offering it again?